Imperial War Museum

On the 7th November a group of year 9 students visited the Imperial War Museum where they were saw a vast array of sources related to WW1 WW2 and the Cold War. They were also taught the key skills needed to create a documentary before creating their own. For some of our students it was their first time visiting the museum and said they would definitely be returning.

The students had lots to say about the experience:

“The Imperial War Museum was such a positive experience and we had a brilliant day. We learnt about art and music at the time of WW1 and also many facts about a modern battle and the Cold War. Although it was a long journey it was worth every minute. A particularly exciting activity was creating a documentary on an artefact from WW1. This allowed us to be creative and interpret the theme in our own way. If you ever get the opportunity to do a similar trip you must jump at the chance as it really is an incredible experience. Although you are not in usual lessons you learn so many intriguing facts”.

Year 9 Students- Tay and Bebel