Key safeguarding personnel at Hove Park School & Sixth Form Centre

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Ms Amanda Meier

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Mr Simon Paul

Mr Joe Brooking

Ms Siobhan McCurdy

Always include in any correspondence


All of us have a responsibility for Child Protection. This means:

  • protecting children from abuse
  • promoting the welfare of children
  • preventing children from being harmed

Students, parents/carers and staff must feel able to raise concerns.

Students, parents/carers and staff must recognise that they have a duty to raise concerns.

If you have a concern regarding a child’s safety you must refer it immediately.

Basic eSafety advice

Parents/carers and students should make use of the HPS eSafety iTunesU courses (links below):

The Parental Course link is and shortcut iOS enrol link

The Student link is and shortcut iOS enrol link


Always use passwords, private settings and filtering.

Parents/carers: Talk to your children about their internet use.

Young people: Share concerns about what you see or messages you receive with a trusted adult.

Do not

Don’t share any personal information or your contact number online.

Don’t meet people that you have only spoken to online.

Don’t share images or go on webcam with people you don’t know.


You can never really be sure who you are talking to online.

Anything you post or upload to the internet is there forever so be very careful.

Safe travel to school

Please ensure arrangements are in place for your child to travel safely to and from school.

In particular please agree arrangements and support messages given in school about staying safe and avoiding dangers:

  • Road safety (eg use crossings, be seen)
  • Cycle safety (eg use helmets, be seen)
  • Bus safety (follow the rules, consider other passengers).
  • Safe routes (avoid dangerous roads and isolated areas).
  • Travel with friends where possible and avoid strangers.
  • Return to a safe busy place (eg school, home, shop) if approached and speak to a trusted adult.

Please view our latest Safeguarding policy (pending approval) here.

Please view our previous Safeguarding Policy here.

Please note that we always work to the most recently published statutory guidance (currently dated September 2016 and available here

If you would like further information on online safety please visit Think u Know

If you have an immediate concern relating to online safety please visit CEOP