Teachers at Hove Park School set homework on HPS digital. Students homework will appear as a task on the student planner on their iPad. Parents are also able to view these tasks when logged into HPS digital. This task will have a due date and instructions to complete the homework. The homework tasks in most cases will take advantage of Showbie or iTunes U which are used to deliver resources to our students across the school.

iTunes U on an ipad

HPS Digital

This is your personalised, secure and private portal to the school. You will find access to day-to-day information about in school activities, such as our newsfeed and our subject area home pages. In addition to news and information are pages for your student(s), which contain their End of Term and End of Year reports, Daily Attendance and Reward points and their Due/Overdue homework tasks, so that you can be kept in the loop on any tasks and feedback that our teachers share with your student(s).

Access HPS Digital here

iTunes U on an ipad

iTunes U

iTunes U is a resource sharing platform for iPads used throughout our school. Here at Hove Park School we have over 200 courses available to engage our students with rich learning materials like apps, books, videos and podcasts. Courses are written by our teachers giving students access to anytime learning in school or at home. All that’s required is an enrol code given by the teacher to join the course. Students can also join courses and download resources by other institutions from around the world.

Access iTunes U here

showbie on an ipad


Showbie is a classroom workflow app and website, designed to allow quick sharing of resources between teachers and students. It has lots of great features, such as annotation (allowing students and teachers to write or comment directly on documents), voice notes and image and video sharing. At Hove Park, we use Showbie in classrooms to allow teachers to share specific documents with their classes and students to upload work back, outside of iTunes U. Students also use it to update and submit their Learning Journal and other evidence of their progress. Parents can join Showbie to see classes shared by teachers using their student’s access code. For more information, follow the link below, click on ‘Parent Support’ and then ‘Parent Codes’.

Access Showbie here

foldr on an ipad


It's important for us as a school to have our files and documents readily available and secure, even whilst on the move. Therefore, each student has access to a personal file storage space onsite at the school. By using the Foldr app (pre-installed on all student iPads), or via the web link on the school website, students can log in using their private and secure login details to upload work, download resources or access their files from any device, anywhere in the world. It also provides our students with a secure place in which to save the school work they have created on their iPads, thus ensuring safe storage and back-up of important files.

Access Foldr here