Get paid £25k to train to teach! Recruiting for School Direct places now. Contact for further details                                                                                                             Get paid £25k to train to teach! Recruiting for School Direct places now. Contact for further details                                                                                                              Get paid £25k to train to teach! Recruiting for School Direct places now. Contact for further details                                                                                                              Get paid £25k to train to teach! Recruiting for School Direct places now. Contact for further details!                                                                                                            

School Direct

School Direct

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What is School Direct?

Schools Direct is a route into teacher training which allows schools or groups of schools to take a leading role in ITT provision in partnership with an accredited provider. It is underpinned by a belief that schools can improve the system by creating more school led training that best meets the needs of schools and trainees. School Direct is a programme where schools recruit trainees directly and select them to work within their partnership of schools. This new training route allows you to choose the school in which you train with an expectation, but no absolute guarantee, of employment once you finish.

If you prefer to spend more time training in the classroom, putting theory into practice and gaining confidence through increased contact with the school environment, then a School Direct programme could be a good option for you.

What are the different routes?

In order to help tailor training to your skills and experience, there are two separate School Direct training options:

  • School Direct Training Programme (Unsalaried) is available to high-quality graduates and is funded by tuition fees paid by the trainee. You may be eligible for a bursary of up to £20,000 to support you while you train. 
  • School Direct Training Programme (salaried) is an employment-based route available to high-quality graduates with at least three years work experience who will earn a salary whilst they train.

Information about these different routes as well as bursaries and scholarships can be found on the Teaching Agency Website at

In addition to awarding QTS, both the University of Brighton and University of Sussex also offer the PGCE qualification on the School Direct programme.

Timeline for recruitment

You will initially apply online through UCAS at 

Your application in the first instance will go to Hove Park School, Lead School in the Brighton and Hove Partnership. Your application will then be processed through the Universities and passed on to relevant schools. Thereafter we will commence the recruitment process as a Partnership of schools across the City.

University Interviews: a subject interview, a presentation on a given topic, a written task and compliancy checks will be conducted on this day.

School Based Interviews: the day will comprise a teaching activity, a discussion activity, and a formal interview. 

School Experience Placements

In conjunction with the DfE, Hove Park runs a School Experience placement scheme for those thinking about teaching who hold a first class or 2:1 degree and are considering teaching secondary maths, physics, chemistry, modern foreign languages (MFL) or computer science. Placement days are to observe teaching and to talk to staff about teaching as a career. The number of placements is limited. 

You can apply through the DfE website link below.

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