Young Interpreters and Indonesian Visitors

This week, an International Education Consultant from H.E.I., along with 21 students and two teachers from Al Azhar 19 Cibubur Islamic Junior High School in Jakarta, Indonesia, visited Hove Park School. The school had specifically asked to come to HPS because of our international specialisms. They really wanted to experience life as an English school student. Each Indonesian student was buddied up with a Young Interpreter at Hove Park School and then they accompanied them to normal lessons.

Our fantastic Young Interpreters did a fabulous job of “buddying” with our Indonesian visitors, ensuring they felt welcome and comfortable, so far away from home.

The Indonesian students learnt many things about life in an English school, however our own Young Interpreters also learnt many things about life in Indonesia. They all enjoyed sharing and learning about each other’s cultures and ways of life. Our visitors visited many places, such as Portsmouth and Seven Sisters Country Park whilst they were here, but I think they enjoyed the shopping the most!

On Thursday, March 28, 2019 our Young Interpreters introduced the students to the Year 7 Assembly and talked about their time together. Then as a special “Thank You” to the school for hosting them, we were treated to an Indonesian dance and presentation. Firstly, the girls performed a mesmerising cultural dance from West Sumatra, wearing traditional costumes; then we were treated to a musical show with singing and music on hand made Angklung instruments (a percussion instrument made from bamboo, each specially tuned to a different pitch)

At the end of the assembly, they very generously gifted the instruments to the school for use in Music lessons. Mr. Paul, our Head of School, was presented with a gift and not forgetting their special buddies, our Young Interpreters were also given small bags of gifts.

On Friday 29th March 28, 2019 Mr. Paul presented our Young Interpreters and visitors with their certificates, which they proudly accepted with beaming smiles.

Everyone has made new friends, learnt about new cultures and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Shahena Bashir & Chris Carpenter

EAL Team

Hove Park School