Whole School Council

The Whole School Council is something that I, the rest of the Student Leaders and Mr Roberts are very excited about and hopeful for. This is the first time ever that a structure has been put into place which can really put into action the things students say they would like to happen. In the past, although the philanthropy of the students at our school has been absolutely stellar, we have perhaps not looked inwards and actually asked ourselves the question; “what do we want to see”?

And, of course, this is not without reason. On top of preparing for GCSEs, doing coursework, rehearsing for shows and more, the Student Leaders body are separated from the Year 7s, 8s and 9s by our split site school. Thus, it proves quite a challenge to stay in touch with the KS3 students to understand what they deem to be important to change in our school. This Whole School Council gives us a way to communicate with years 7, 8 and 9 and gain this vital information. We can see if certain things are prominent only in particular years, or if they are school-wide concerns. We can gain ideas from a broader spectrum of people than just Year 11, or just the Head Boy and Head Girl. Most of all, we can communicate with our younger peers and make sure that messages, notices, announcements and tasks we need to get to them are recieved with the importance that they require - for, as aforementioned, we just cannot get down to the lower campus as much as we'd like to.

We believe that this is the start of something brilliant for Hove Park School. Never before has such student leadership structure been put in place. Even if, when me and my Year 11 peers' terms expire, we haven't done everything we wanted, the apparatus will still be there for the next Head Girl and Boy to carry on. After all, this isn't really for us in Year 11 - this is, hopefully, for the many years to come hereafter.

Jim Roberts, Head Teacher at Hove Park said:

"We had our first whole school council meeting last week. The agenda was put together by our Senior Students using their newly created digital suggestion box which allows students to raise concerns or make suggestions about school improvement, through our website home page.

The agenda included items on Equalities, Facilities and Mental Health and Wellbeing. It was lovely to hear the students discuss and debate their thoughts and ideas. The notes and actions were collated and school council representatives were asked to feed these back to their respective year group. The next school council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 2.30pm."

Stanley, Year 11, Head Boy