Welcome to Hove Park's House of Fun

By Student Reporter Danny O'Donoghue

Emotional, compelling and fun - Hove Park's drama department have certainly outdone themselves this year with their awesome rendition of 'Our House', a West-End musical, inspired by the greatest hits of Madness.

80's tunes like 'It Must Be Love' and 'Driving in my Car' provided the perfect soundtrack to the rough diamond Joe Casey's intricate life, enhancing the fun and at some points sensitive moments he was faced with. The play shows how a split-second decision can lead to very different outcomes.

Max Bower and Noah Bramley were brilliant in their portrayal of the two sides - good and evil - of the protagonist Joe Casey. Both demonstrated the cockiness and cheekiness required to pull off this lovable character. Holly Castle played a fabulous Sarah and stunned the audience with her dynamic and powerful singing, especially during her duet, 'It Must be Love'.

Mr Trimmer, Headmaster said: “Congratulations to all the cast who gave such an inspirational and highly professional performance. It really was of an exceptional quality in every way ¬ the technical aspects of lighting, sound and staging were incredible as was the quality of the bands performance.”

Bringing many laughs to the show were Tom and Louis, who played the likeable and funny, yet dazed best mates - Emmo and Lewis. One member of the audience said: "The cast was so polished and professional it's easy to forget those skilled actors were so young. It was so good I thought I was watching a West End show!"

Director, Mrs. Woodbridge commented, "I've really enjoyed working on the show, the cast have been incredibly talented and I feel privileged to have taught many of them over the past few years. The cast was able to cope with a range of emotion, pathos, humour and love!" She also said how she really enjoyed working on a musical that "allows for an element of fun while making a social comment".

Casey Street was truly brought to life thanks the backstage technicians and the art department and community arts enrichment group who created such a stunning and attractive set.

The live band, led by Mr Miles, Musical Director, skilfully captured the addictiveness and zany humour of Madness, which intensified the emotions of the actors and helped create an electric atmosphere especially during big numbers like 'Baggy Trousers' and 'Our House'

Mr Hindman, Deputy Head added: 'Our House' was the most dynamic school production I've ever seen. At the end I wanted to see the show again, so I'm looking forward to 'We Will Rock You' in the summer."

With hard work from the fabulous cast Mrs Woodbridge and the drama department, Mr Miles and the brilliant band, and everyone else involved in the production, Hove Park was yet again able to create a stunning performance, taking the animated audience One Step Beyond!