The next step - Sixth Form at Hove Park School

Following on from my interviews with Giulia and Rita, I took another visit to speak to Wanda a current Sixth Former in her first year.

"Hi Wanda, tell us a bit about yourself." -"I came to England from Germany one Month ago, a few of my friends in Germany said I should come to England, I am here to study for one year."

"Brilliant did you come to England by yourself?" - "Yes, I am staying with a Host family, and I am with another girl that is also studying here, which is nice."

"What are you studying at sixth form" - "Product design and Spanish"

"Do you have any aspirations for your future career" - " I am not sure I like art and love Product design, I can take it out of class and apply it every day to the real world. I find myself noticing and analysing architecture styles. At the moment I am trying to learn different things and meet new people.” 

“I like the thought of teaching in the future, I once taught German to refugees in Germany which I found quite inspiring.” 

"Although it is only a Month or Two into your studies here, is there anything in particular you like about Sixth Form at Hove Park School?" - “I really like the lessons and teachers, before I came here I didn’t really use a PC. Now I use it all the time, I didn’t like this at first but now I think it is very beneficial. Teachers can work their lessons to different levels of the students. Making every lesson productive and individual to each student.”