The Bike It Project

Sustrans is the Sustainable Transport charity with the stated aims of making it easier for people to walk and cycle. The Bike It Project, an established national Sustrans project is working across the city to get more people cycling in and around schools. Bike It Ben and Bike It Lucy have been working alongside Hove Park to create opportunities for students based around Bikes and the benefits have been felt across the school. 

Working with small groups of young people, Ben and Lucy are creating opportunities to learn new skills, not only bike handling skills on our mountain bike rides, but also things as diverse as: learning and using engineering principles, mindfulness and well-being, opportunities for raising self-esteem, problem-solving, nurturing, and working with the wider community in local primary schools by fixing bikes and teaching young children to learn to ride.

The 'Bike It' duo have worked closely with our inclusion team and the mental health team within Hove Park, as Bike It has a strong mental health focus. There work, funded in the city by Public Health, has enabled them to help train staff and pupils in key mental health first aid techniques, which when combined with the benefits from working with bikes, create resilience in the young people on the project. The regular Dr Bike sessions mean also that the whole school benefits from having bikes checked on a weekly basis.