Students grill John Howarth MEP

Yesterday our students took part in a Digital Surgery with John Howarth MEP, discussing a wide range of topics including how he became an MEP, Brexit & what exactly does an MEP do. Thanks to The Politics Project for such an amazing opportunity for our students!

Mr Hunting had this to say about this great experience

"We had the second of our Digital Surgeries with a Year 11 PRE class (Philosophy, religion and Ethics) where we have been exploring democracy and values over several sessions. The inspiring organisation the Politics Project organised for a live video link up during class with the MEP for the South East England, John Howarth. The students had researched John’s role and life and asked a number of questions about being an MEP, whether the job was inspiring, his life before becoming an MEP and what he will do next, as well as questions on Brexit. John Howarth also asked the students what they thought of Brexit and after a certain diffidence, when he rephrased the question, to ask if would you vote to stay in if able to now, almost all said they would! A big thank you to Josh and Harriet at the Politics project for setting it up and to John Howarth MEP for giving up his time. "