Student wins design award

Every year The Furniture Makers’ Company award prizes to students studying GCSE and A Level Design & Technology in schools and colleges across the UK. The Furniture Makers’ Company is a charitable foundation whose aim is to ensure talented young designers consider a career in the creative industries. As a participating school, we were asked to nominate a student who had really challenged themselves creatively and consistently demonstrated innovation in their work.

We are delighted to announce that Wanda Hagelstein had been chosen to receive the award. Wanda is a guest student from Germany who joined us for one year of study in September 2016. She chose Product Design AS Level even though she’d never studied Design & Technology before. The AS course asks students to complete three design-and-make projects (two coursework projects and an exam piece) and each one has a different focus. Wanda chose to design a Pavilion for public use, seating to compliment her pavilion and a room divider for an internal public space (all scale models).

We chose Wanda’s work for three specific reasons; Her design work is always inventive and interesting, she is never afraid to take creative risks and her models are complicated to make and full of innovation. Wanda has worked really hard this year and her enthusiasm for our subject shone through in every lesson. She receives a fantastic prize, a book called ‘Modern British Furniture: Design Since 1945’ by Lesley Jackson and in conjunction with the V&A Museum and our congratulations.

Wanda Hagelstein said, “Thank you for this fantastic award. It means a lot to me because Product Design is something I love. To see that other people like my work too encourages me and makes me happy. I’ve enjoyed this year so much and if I got stuck at some point, my great teachers were always there to help me and give me new inspiration”.