Sport Relief 2018

This year at Hove Park another full week of Sports Relief lessons went ahead.

At the start of each lesson students were presented with this year’s Sports Relief targets and how the money raised would be spent. This year’s Sports Relief video showed how every donation helps change young adults lives for the better.

This year students were taught two alternate sports in Street Surfing and Kinball.

With very few students having any experience in these sports it gave everyone the opportunity to learn and discover new sports together, whilst all having huge amounts of fun.

Street Surfing proved extremely popular, in essence it is a two wheeled skateboard that demands perfect balance. It was fantastic to see all the Hove Park students try this very challenging sport and to see so many giving it a go.

Kinball is a huge blow up ball, the aim of the game is for teams to hit the ball into the air and for the ball to contact the ground without any another team catching it. It was also a huge hit, with lots of new tactics and strategies that our students had to learn and develop to succeed. 

Street Surfing was so popular that a special one off Sports Relief after school club was attended by many students and staff, on Thursday 22nd March, raising further funds.

On Friday 23rd March there was a BIG Sports Relief raffle where every student was entered. Many parents, carers and staff had kindly donated prizes to the raffle, with the star prizes being donated by McDonalds, Nanados and Dominos.

The week was a huge success, we would like to thank all the students for their commitments and many for their very generous donations. We would also like to thank those who gave prizes to the raffle. We hope to have beaten last year’s total.