Shaping Our Future

Dear Parent/ Carer

At Hove Park, we are always looking to improve the way that we support our students and help them flourish. Since becoming Head Teacher, I have emphasised the importance of developing a community that comes together to support each other’s achievement, whether it is learning in the classroom, competing on the sports field or performing on the stage.

In establishing this vision, I have looked at how we structure learning at Hove Park, so that in a changing educational landscape we continue to prepare students in the best possible way for their future. I am determined to ensure that no student gets left behind, and that all are able to thrive. With this in mind, I have been working closely with staff, governors and our leadership team, looking at the feasibility of different models and structures for our school.

I am very pleased to let you know that we have made a key decision to change the way we use our two sites to structure learning from September 2019. The proposal below was agreed in principle by the governing body at their meeting on Monday 15th January 2018.

September 2019 

Valley Campus

Nevill Campus

6th Form

Year 9

Year 7

Year 10

Year 8

Year 11

The reason for change has developed from thinking around 3 clear themes.

Maximising progress and achievement

Student progress will always remain a key priority. Educational outcomes will often dictate future pathways and opportunities for young people. It is clear that the new GCSE exam specifications are more challenging and contain significantly more depth and content. The way that GCSEs are being assessed has also changed, with most weight now being given to an end-of-course exam.

As these changes are implemented at the national level, I do not want any of our students to be left behind, and I believe that introducing a three-year Key Stage 4 model is a proactive way of supporting our students to gain the knowledge and understanding required for the new GCSE specifications. An extended Key Stage 4 has been successfully adopted in many schools across the country.

A practical implication of this change is that students will go through their options process in year 8 and begin their chosen courses at the start of year 9. This would be done for the first time with our current year 7 during the next academic year.

Accommodation and facilities

A change of campus for specific year groups will reduce the number of students on our Valley campus ensuring our younger students do not feel overwhelmed as they begin their time in a secondary school environment. We are expecting a new canteen to be built on the Nevill campus this summer. The new facility will accommodate 900 students which will better support three full year groups.

Although we will have 6th Form students still using the Valley facility, many will go off site for their lunch which means a significant reduction in the number of students trying to get served at break and lunchtime. The Valley campus corridors and stairwells can be congested at times, particularly when poor weather stops students going outside for break and lunchtime. The decrease in overall numbers on our Valley campus, will make a big difference to accommodating students at these key times.

Delivering new 6th form opportunities

Moving the 6th Form to the Valley campus will present a range of opportunities for our students to take an active role in mentoring, coaching and supporting our younger year groups. Equally it will be beneficial for year 7 and 8 students to see and hear positive role models around the campus, providing leadership and an example of where hard work and study can lead.

I have met and shared my plans with the Local Authority. Pinaki Ghoshal, Executive Director, Families, Children & Learning is very supportive of the proposed changes;

“Brighton and Hove Council are committed to the best learning outcomes for all the children in our authority. We have looked at Hove Park School’s proposal for a campus change in 2019, and firmly support this new school structure. Both from a practical and an educational stand point, the changes we believe, will help Hove Park students to progress, achieve and prepare them for the future.”

We will be organising parent / carer information evenings during the Summer term to provide further details of how this change will work in practice. Here, you will be able to ask any questions that you may have.

This is an exciting time to be part of Hove Park School as we look to shape our future and the way we support all students to achieve.

Best wishes,

Jim Roberts
Head Teacher