The verdict is in: Legally Blonde is a smash hit!

“Omigod you guys!” From the opening number students of Hove Park got its audience in the pink with their vibrant, all-singing, all-dancing infectious production of the musical “Legally Blonde”. The romantic comedy with an edge was just the ticket for Valentine’s week.

The show, which played to a packed house for three nights, tells the story of a college sweetheart and homecoming queen Elle Woods (Keira Osborn-Adams) who does not take no for an answer. When her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III (Ollie Hawes), dumps her for someone more ‘serious’ she follows him to Harvard Law School to win him back. While at Harvard she realises she has her own interests and intelligence and is actually an impressive and very capable person in her own right.

The musical opens on a high note with the irresistible and sassy sorority sisters (Alicia Abdalla, Grace Maclean, Francesca Gibb, Sofia Hill) sashaying around the stage singing the catchy number “Omigod you guys!” Keira plays an engaging bubbly, Elle Woods, whose strikingly powerful vocals bring depth and quality to the role. It is her ability, however, to convince the audience of Elle’s transformation from a ditsy airhead to a formidable lawyer that shows the extraordinary quality of her acting ability.

Alfie Jukes’ excellent comic timing is well cast as the Emmett Forrest the quirky, sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing. Daisy Seaborne as Paulette, the funny owner of the local “Hair Affair” gave a polished performance and was able to belt out a powerful rendition of ‘Ireland’ which matched her personality. Ollie Hawes has the charm and charisma needed for the role of Warner Huntington III. Mai Bolingbroke is an assured and strong intellectually driven stuck-up, wealthy law student Vivienne Kensington.

There are also many other outstanding individual performances too including Ronan Doyle who is aptly cast as the handsome Kyle B. O’Boyle the smooth-talking, Irish dancing, hunk of a UPS deliveryman. Toby Lloyd a very believable pompous and manipulative Professor Callahan who is able to turn from charismatic academic to a shark in a flash. Aimie Eckworth-Jones is dynamic in her role as Brooke Wyndham leading a clear voiced energetic troop of skipping prisoners in an aerobic tour de force.

The Geek Chorus, Delta Nus, Harvard Gang and the People of Boston ensured that the staged buzzed with energy and colour.

Special canine guests Tetley Cash as the cute ‘Rufus’ and Ollie Farah as adorable, beastly “Bruiser”.

Jim Roberts, Head Teacher said: “This was an amazing and uplifting performance by a talented cast and crew - and dogs - which was full of fun and a powerful reminder that ‘staying true to yourself never goes out of style’.”

The production, directed by Drama Teacher, Ms Chloe Holt, who “Whipped [the cast] in to Shape” which paid dividends on stage as the performance was tightly polished, with brilliantly-slick choreographed numbers.

Full of upbeat, catchy songs, jaw-dropping dance moves and a wardrobe of vibrant costumes, backstage support, lighting and sound made this school production a real stage spectacular worthy of the West End.

Reporter: Mia Hollis, Head Girl

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Hove Park School's 2019 smash show, Legally Blonde The Musical! With special audience members from local charity Time To Talk Befriending and The Hangleton and Knoll Project

Posted by Hove Park School on Thursday, 14 February 2019