Humanities Project

Last week 15 Year 9 and 10 Peer Tutors travelled to Iford and Kingston Primary School in Lewes to take part in the Humanities Project.

This was set up for the Peer Tutors to support the Year 5’s in understanding how our environments differ. They came and saw the area around our Nevill campus two weeks ago and today we were taken on a beautiful walk through Kingston and up on to the Downs for a picnic.

Our students were amazed by the lack of facilities in the village and how even a pint of milk could not be bought in the village! The Peer Tutors has a great time buying local flowers from outside a house and thoroughly enjoyed climbing up a very steep hill!

A hugely successful trip where staff from Iford commented on how delightful our students were. We finished the day with a huge football match with the Year 5’s and talked about how we wanted to set up a shop in the village selling ice creams and other such essentials.

Mrs Hunt