Food Bank donations

Over the years, my tutor groups have always been involved in a 'secret santa' which is a lot of fun.  Essentially most gifts are really just trivial, have no real use and end up adding to the ever-growing landfill.  This year I suggested to my students that, instead of buying each other random gifts, we actually each bring in something that will be truly needed and appreciated by those less fortunate than us, and the gifts will be taken to the local food bank on the last day of school.  To my surprise, this idea was met with so much enthusiasm and the very next day students were coming in with donations!  We have collected such a great variety from pasta, tinned soups, beans, sanitary products and toiletries to mention just a few!

I feel so proud of my tutor group and they have really set a beautiful example to the rest of the school during this time of giving.

Thank you!

Ms Paluch