First, finals and feuds!

Spirits just can’t be dampened despite the rain clouds at Hove Park’s 2019 sports day! From the beginning of the well awaited day at Withdean Stadium, students were buzzing with excitement and anticipation of the jam-packed day to come.

With 4 other houses to beat for glory, Mandela House began the day determined to reclaim their title of 3 years undefeated which was stolen in a shocking turn of events last year. Turing House snagged the win, with some of Mandela’s top athletes benched, and the question remained, would Mandela be able to redeem themselves?

They were off and running towards the win this year, with a booming start from one of Mandela’s top athletes and daughter of Nevill Campus’ Head of School, Bertie Brooking. Bertie shattered the girls 800m race by slicing a vital 9.81 seconds off of the previous record, setting Mandela, once again, on track to victory.

Dad and sports enthusiast, Mr Brooking, was elated to hear the news and responded immediately upon hearing saying. ‘bless her sweet cottons!’ However, much like the spectators in the stands, Mr Brooking was less than surprised by his daughter’s feat.

As if this wasn’t enough of a booming start for Mandela, another one of their highest achieving athletes and a household name at sports day, Ella Mathews demolished the 200m sprint record, despite being ill the day before. Her brother, Will Matthews, appears to be following in his sister’s footsteps, already topping the tables with his athleticism and bringing Mandela one step closer to the win.

Mandela house students fought off fierce competition throughout the day to finally reclaim top spot at Hove Park’s 2019 sports day! The event at Withdean Stadium buzzed with excitement as records were broken and personal bests achieved in a packed day of track and field events.

Mr Roberts, Headteacher, said: “We have had another brilliant sports day to be proud of. It is fantastic to see so many amazing athletes. Spirits were not dampened despite a wet start to the day and our students showed grit and determination under difficult conditions getting much encouragement from their lively and enthusiastic supporters.”

During the event over £200 was raised for Martlets Hospice with the help of a team of students and staff who sold snacks and drinks to the spectators and athletes.

Hove Park School Student Reporters