Being a sixth form student at Hove Park School

With Our Sixth Form Open Morning approaching I decided to get some feedback from our current Sixth Form students to give you a personal insight to what we offer here at Hove Park School.

The Sixth Form area is an open communal space with the luxury of their very own snack shack. I headed into the study area and approached my first two willing students Giulia and Rita both from Italy.

"Good morning, I would just like to get some feedback on your experience here at Hove Park Sixth Form - Are you in your first or second year of sixth form?" -" “We are both in our first year, we are here to study for 4 months.”"

"It is great you wanted to come to England to further your studies, had you been to the UK before?" Rita- "Yes I have been to England with my family on holiday, and really liked it."

"Gilulia what inspired you to further your studies here at Hove Park Sixth Form?" - "I love England I want to learn English, I am also studying Maths Chemistry and German."

"Where do you foresee yourself in 2 years' time?" - " I would like to go to University to study chemistry and then take a Masters in cosmetology eventually creating my own line of products in England.”

"What career path would you like to pursue in the future Rita?" - "I would like to be a Doctor, I am currently studying Maths, Chemistry Physics and English."

"It is a big decision to come to a new school in a new country how did you find your first few weeks?" Rita – I am enjoying the experience; I have made many International friends and the teachers at Hove Park School are very nice!"

"On returning to Italy what would you say to someone wanting to come to Hove Park Sixth Form to further their education?"-"I would suggest to definitely do it , at first it may seem strange and pretty difficult but it has really helped with my English and I feel a lot more confident in myself"