9 to 5 was an absolute delight!

Hove Park’s production of the world famous musical 9 to 5 was an absolute delight, filled with musical talent and sensational acting!

The production, based on a 1980s movie starring Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda, is a truly inspirational story of workplace inequality where Doralee Rhodes and Violet Newstead are tired of being treated differently and overlooked for promotion because of their gender, but finally decide to take action after they meet new girl Judy Burnley - and they do so in the most hilarious way.

Mr Roberts, headteacher said: “I left feeling genuine pride in our school and students and in awe of the depth of talent we have at Hove Park,” and went on to congratulate, the show’s director, Miss Holt, as well as commenting on the brilliantly entertaining production.

The choreography by drama teacher Miss C. Holt was sensational throughout the show with a particularly impressive opening number.

There were also many brilliant individual performances. Sofia as Doraleewas, in a word, fab-u-lous. Not just because of the superb acting but also her singing voice is just incredible. Keira wowed us with her witty and sharp portrayal of Violet the ambitious supervisor desperate for career progression.

Toby acting of the vain, sexist, egotistical boss Franklin Hart Jr. was equally amazing, perfectly balancing the humour of the show with the sexist, bigoted personality of this horrible CEO. Aimie was both charming and comic in the role of the meek Judy who transforms into a force to be reckoned with. Kiera also put in fantastic performance as the over-the-top office gossip and snitch Roz Keit.

Overall, the show featured many extremely polished performances from this talented cast, who clearly put their heart and soul into acting, singing and dancing to make this a real toe-tapping spectacular. The costumes and set design added authenticity by capturing the 1980s style superbly with skillful stage lighting to set the mood.

By Barnaby, Bailey and James