Welcome to the M.A.D.E. team of students and teachers at HPS!

At Hove Park School we have completely transformed the way in which creativity is taught in Year 7. Instead of teaching individual lessons in Art and Design and in Design Technology we now run a series of full day workshops that follow a trail through the Art and Technology specialisms. These include Design and Make, Line and Print, Craft, 3D, STEM, Food Tech and Digital.

Each set of workshops follows a universal theme which helps to unite these specialisms and embed learning. As a result our workshops explode with technical skills based activities which students love. The aim is to give each pupil an intensive period of time in which to explore and produce a piece of work and demonstrate a range of new skills and understanding.  Students are able to apply knowledge from one workshop to the next and outcomes show a progressively more confident and inspired level of ingenuity as the year goes on.

We would like to be able to offer our primary partnership schools the M.A.D.E experience by either bringing our teachers and peer tutors to you or inviting you into our school.