Phoenix Centre


The Phoenix Centre at Hove Park School is a Special Facility for students who have a Statement for Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and/or Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).

The Local Authority currently commissions 13 places for students, aged 11-16. We seek to work collaboratively with parents and carers at all times and welcome close contact and regular meetings to ensure a joined-up approach in supporting the needs of our students.

Further information

SEN Information Report

For further information or, to make an appointment contact: Key Stage 3 (lower site) – 01273 294843 | Key Stage 4 (upper site) – 01273 295004 .

Teaching approaches

In the classroom, teachers at Hove Park have a good understanding of how to meet the needs of students with a variety of special educational needs. Teachers are also provided with specific training when necessary, to ensure they are able to support students with more complex needs.

Within the Phoenix Centre a range of approaches are used for withdrawal sessions. At Key Stage 3 interventions are tailored to the students’ individual needs. We offer a range of Speech and Language groups which focus on all aspects of communication, e.g. Vocabulary Groups, Active Listening and Memory Magic. We also offer a range of social skills groups including Circle of Friends and Lego Therapy. We have found Lego Therapy to be a very useful way of developing students’ speech, language and communication skills and this is already proving to be very effective. For information on this, visit the following websites: and

At Key Stage 4 provision is tailored specifically for students in Y10 and Y11 to help support them in preparing for their GCSEs. Study Support sessions focus on ensuring students are up-to-date with their independent studies and homework whilst also providing an opportunity to receive extra support for English and Mathematics. Students can also use this time to revise in the lead up to the exams and improve exam technique. In Y11 students are given additional support in making important post-16 choices, attending college open days and in completing their application forms. In addition to this, students are also supported with their social and emotional wellbeing and in becoming more independent young people.

Autism Aware Award

Image of Autism Award Logo

We are very proud to have recently been awarded with the ‘Autism Aware Award’ for 2016-2019. This is in its 11th year in West Sussex and 2016 was the first year that Brighton and Hove became involved. We are very privileged to be one of the first schools in Brighton and Hove to have achieved this status.

The award recognises all the good practice at Hove Park School to meet the needs of our ASC (autism spectrum condition) students.

“An autism aware school will provide: An environment that accepts and understands pupils with autism spectrum condition (ASC). Opportunities for the whole school community to continue to increase its awareness and develop its understanding of ASC” in the following areas:

    1. School policy, practice and procedures
    2. Professional development
    3. The Learning Environment
    4. Working with Parents
    5. Pupil Voice

Support from external specialists

Phoenix Centre students are supported by a range of external professionals. The Centre has an allocation of weekly Speech and Language Therapist time. We also have a specific allocation of Educational Psychologist time.

We receive advice from specialist teachers from the Local Authority’s Integrated Support Service. The Brighton & Hove integrated support service brings together educational psychology, community CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and learning support services from specialist teachers.

Provision - The Phoenix Centre classroom

Provision for students is assessed on an individual basis. The Centre has its own teaching room and shares other, larger SEN (Special Educational Needs) facilities both at the lower school and upper school sites. Some students may require a large proportion of their time to be spent in the Centre's own teaching room; most will spend the majority of their time in mainstream lessons and will just come to the Centre’s teaching room for specific interventions.

When in the Centre’s teaching room, students spend their time working either 1:1 or within a small group (approximately 4-6 students). Sessions are either delivered by a TA (Teaching Assistant) or, one of the visiting external specialists.

The Phoenix Centre classroom remains a quiet and calm space at all times as we are aware that many of our students are sensitive to noise and crowds. The SEN Centre as a whole is open at break and lunchtimes to ensure that such students have a calm place to spend unstructured time, away from the main thrust of the school.

Provision - In-class

Phoenix Centre students are supported by a Teaching Assistant in a high ratio of lessons. We try to ensure all core subject lessons (English, Mathematics and Science) are supported as an absolute minimum; but this is adjusted according to individual need. As a high proportion of lessons are supported, should a lesson become too stressful for a Phoenix Centre student, where possible the TA will ensure that the student is withdrawn to the Centre classroom or other quiet place to work if this is needed.

Provision - Alternative

For some students, a more tailored curriculum is required; for example, opportunities to develop more functional-based skills which relate to the outside world, such as learning to catch the bus, relating to staff in shops, using a bank account, reading train time tables and work experience (in Key Stage 4 only). This kind of provision is considered on an individual basis and is planned in collaboration with parents, outside specialists and the Head of Centre.

Monitoring of provision and progress

The quality of teaching and learning in the Centre classroom and the progress of the students allocated to the Centre is closely monitored by the Head of Centre. The Head of Centre also liaises with curriculum subject teachers, Year Heads and other relevant staff to ensure that all students within the Centre have access to an enjoyable, challenging but accessible curriculum which is tailored to their needs. A key aim is that all students will leave school with a good set of GCSEs, appropriate to their ability, which will enable them to enter further educational study and support them later in life with their career choices. Just as important, is that Phoenix Centre students enjoy coming to school as a result of the high levels of academic and pastoral support they receive and that they also enjoy being part of the wider, mainstream school community.