Music is a vital part of a pupils education at Hove Park. We believe that studying Music is crucial for developing social skills, confidence and communication skills. Students study music throughout KS3, and GCSE music is offered should they choose to take their musical ability further.



Music News

Hairspray is a Big Bouncy Bouffant of a Hit Show

Bright, colourful, energetic and uplifting was the Hove Park’s production of Hairspray. Full of upbeat, catchy songs, jaw-dropping dance moves and a wardrobe of vibrant costumes, make it a real stage spectacular which made you want to get up and out of your seat and dan ..

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Battle of the bands

Starting January 2018, Hove Park will be hosting its very own Battle of the Bands competition. - Get into groups of 2-6 - In July you will perform 2 covers and 1 of your own songs - Priority access to practice rooms at break and lunchtimes to practice - Prize is a b ..

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KS3 Music

The units of work are varied and offer the chance to discover music from other cultures – Gamelan and Bhangra, as well as looking at music closer to home such as Folk and Film Music. We try to make music fun and relevant at KS3 – allowing students to use what they learn outside of school, whether self-taught or through lessons, as part of each project. We have resources and teaching focusing on guitar, drums, bass and keyboard with variations on each of these. Other topics include Urban Culture and Consumer Culture where music in advertising is the focus. 

By Year 9 the students will have improved basic skills on one or more instruments, group work skills and composition and listening capabilities are increased. All of these skills culminate in project work based around the Musical Futures framework, where the onus is on the pupils to manipulate sounds and create their own bands and group work using music that is in their interest. This works as the perfect set up for students who choose to take music further, as a career, or on to GCSE.

KS4 Music

At Hove Park, studying OCR GCSE syllabus, the students develop their instrumental skills, group work and composition skills even further - completing four pieces of coursework over the two year course. They study music from many different genres and contexts such as orchestral and dance music and improve their analysing and capabilities through listening – which leads directly to the final listening exam at end of Year 11.

Music at HP6

Students continuing their education or joining HP6 are also offered the chance to study the Level 3 Edexcel Btec Certificate in Music. This consists of a variety of project based work focusing on development of skills and researching topics closely related to the music industry. In term 1 students work towards creating and performing their own music concert which consists of a variety of solo and group performances from all of the student’s involved.


Music studies at Hove Park are varied in the Music department, and range from small group singing to larger ensemble experiences such as orchestra and yearly musical productions. We offer an inclusive policy where pupils of all ages and abilities are encouraged to attend clubs and workshops and we regularly offer a range of trips and projects forging links between schools and colleges in Brighton and Hove and with organisations such as Glyndebourne and the Royal Philharmonic. An excellent range of private instrumental teaching and external groups are offered through the Brighton and Hove Music service, and we currently have a wide range of instrumental lessons throughout the school day.