A-level Law develops knowledge and understanding of the English Legal system.



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A-level Law

A-level Law skills provide excellent preparation for those students who wish to progress to degree level study or pursue a wide range of careers. Our A-level Law specification is designed to encourage and engage students to sustain their interest and enjoyment in law.

A2 law comprises of:

Unit 3 – LAW03

Criminal Law (Offences against the person) or Contract 25% of A-level

Externally assessed examination, 1 hour 30 minutes
80 marks
Candidates answer three questions on one scenario

Unit 4 – LAW04

Criminal Law (Offences against property) or Tort and Concepts of Law
25% of A-level
Externally assessed examination, 2 Hours
85 Marks
Candidates answer two questions on one scenario and one essay question