Welcome to Hove Park Drama Department, we are a thriving and energetic department that is popular with all key stage students in class and in extra curriculum activities.



Drama News

Hove Park Students offered places at The BRIT School

Hove Park students Alfie & Oliver have been celebrating recently and rightly so, against huge competition they both secured places at the prestigious BRIT School, the UK’s leading Performing and Creative Arts school. Below are their write ups highlighting their jour ..

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The verdict is in: Legally Blonde is a smash hit!

“Omigod you guys!” From the opening number students of Hove Park got its audience in the pink with their vibrant, all-singing, all-dancing infectious production of the musical “Legally Blonde”. The romantic comedy with an edge was just the ticket for V ..

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PQATV Short Film Screenwriting Competition 2018

Earlier this year PQATV launched the first short film screenwriting competition. They were overwhelmed with entries. Hove Park School are proud and excited to announce that Grace Maclean, year 10, has been shortlisted as one of the ‘Highly Commended' script treatments. Th ..

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Drama is a practical subject that is taught fortnightly for 100 minutes in a specially designed space that has the benefit of sound, lighting and staging equipment. For many year 7 students drama is a new experience so an introductory term aims to establish key skills and routines through structured activities that encourage, co-operation, concentration and co-ordination. From then on students explore Greek and Ritual Theatre which gives them key drama techniques such as choral, still imaging and role play as well as stylised acting techniques. As pupils develop through each year they are given more challenging topics and techniques to explore. With each new challenge they make good progress in their vocal, movement and gesture skills. Students also develop their knowledge of drama terms and vocabulary so that they can evaluate each other’s work through written or verbal communication. Assessment is termly, by way of a practical and written test.


Single GCSE grades 1 to 9

What do students learn about in GCSE?

Drama GCSE has been a popular and successful choice for Hove Park Students in recent years. Students can develop their KS3 drama skills as it provides a creative outlet for those that are imaginative story tellers or natural performers.

Students learn how to communicate their stories as the course enables them to gain an understanding of various performance styles. They are encouraged to use a range of techniques such as physical theatre and mime as well as spoken language. By evaluating each other’s work and seeing live professional theatre, students can appreciate how drama communicates to an audience. Theatre Centre an acclaimed touring company recently performed “Rise Up” at the school while last year students saw A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night in the West End at The Gielgud Theatre.

Students will be challenged to develop an awareness of the self and others, this self-reflection improves their ability in devising, co –operation and analysis. Lesson topics expand their knowledge of political, historical and social issues. Meanwhile the plays studied enhance student’s cultural awareness and literacy.

Summary of the Subject

The course is mainly practical hence students are expected to contribute and participate in group drama. The course will progress through a series of workshops that lead to two assessed performances one devised while the other is from a set play. Candidates usually choose to be assessed on acting skills but some pupils who are interested in theatres disciplines such as Set Design and Costume can be assessed on a design project. You will also study a complete play and a contrasting extract for a written exam.

Course Structure

  • Students will participate in a minimum of two performances, one devised (Unit 1) and one from a performance text ( Unit 2 )which has been studied as part of the course.

  • Students will study one complete play in depth and two key extracts from a second contrasting play. You will study the play using a range of imaginative drama activities that will bring it to life and help you to gain an understanding. This will then be set as a written exam at the end of the course. (Unit 3)

How is this qualification assessed?
Assessed through a combination of a 60% practical and 40% written exam.

What pathways are linked to studying Drama GCSE?
Drama has many transferable skills and is a good foundation for teambuilding, leadership and critical analysis. For those that wish to pursue the subject further there are many post 16 courses that will develop their ability and interests.

AS and A level Theatre Studies, BTEC Performance Art, and BTEC Musical Theatre are some of the subjects on offer.

Students can then progress to degree level in a variety of specialist drama subjects which are too many to list here but are academically combined with practical courses. These courses are run throughout the country e.g Bristol University, Central School (London )and Exeter University to name but a few. Meanwhile Drama Schools offer talented pupils internationally recognised training for those who wish to pursue a career either on or off stage, RADA, Rose Bruford , and LAMDA all offer world renowned acting and stage management courses.

Course Leader
Contact Susan Woodbridge contact swoodbridge@hovepark.org.uk

Student Testimonial

“I took GCSE Drama and thoroughly enjoyed it. Drama helped me to find my true goal in life which is to become an actor. Above all Drama helped me develop self confidence which in turn has helped me in everyday life such as in job interviews. I enjoyed Drama so much I continued to study it to A-Level at Hove Park. I’m the type of student who doesn’t enjoy written work so this subject was perfect for me. As you work so closely with other people you form a real bond with other students and your teachers. Although stressful at times especially during performance time, Drama was a great experience and I highly recommend to all those who enjoy acting or are just looking to improve their self confidence.” Ronnie Yorke Year 13