Business Studies

Business Studies gives you an idea of how companies get products into the shops and deliver the services you rely on. The courses tell you all about how companies carry out marketing, provide good customer service, deal with finance, production, communication and information technology, and make important business decisions. It is a great all round subject that crosses over with other subjects such as geography, technology, sociology, maths, and law.

Business & Economics

Business & Economics

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KS4 Business Studies

One day you will work for a business, so why don't you ...

  • Learn what they are and how they operate
  • Take part in great lessons - design your own business, products and adverts
  • Look at real life businesses such as Apple + Virgin
  • Gain a qualification that 6th Form, colleges and employers all love
  • Join us on trips to Thorpe Park and London Dungeons

What is the GCSE structure?

A mixture of exam practice, computer activities, group work, independent research, role plays, presentations and educational games.

What do you get?

One single full award GCSE in Business Studies. Grades range from A* - G.

What can this qualification lead to?

Run your own business; banker; shop manager; accountant; office manager; IT worker; tax advisor; teacher; designer; researcher; sales executive; producer, recruitment consultant, business advisor and many more.

What is the course assessment?

  • One written exam (1 hour) worth 40% in Year 10.
  • One written exam (1 hour) worth 35% in Year 11.
  • One piece of controlled assessment worth 25%.

A student testimonial

"I chose business studies because I thought it would benefit me in my future and for any career I decide to pursue and business studies is interesting. I have learnt the structure of different types of businesses and how they work as an overall business; what’s made them so successful and the challenges they have to overcome. Business Studies is a good subject to choose as it covers not just the day to day running of a business but the financial aspect of them as well. I use lots of skills from other subjects and enjoy the lessons." 

Support sessions are on offer every Thursday 3-4pm, Room 81. 

Revision sessions are available in the run up to exams.