Aiming Higher.

Welcome to Hove Park School’s ‘Aiming Higher’ page.

This area of the website provides information about the work that we do to support those students aiming for the very highest academic achievement.

Here you can find details about what we are doing to increase the proportion of students achieving top grades in their examinations. We also aim to provide enriching educational experiences that challenge and inspire our learners to have the highest ambitions for the future. We have a dedicated coordinator in post who leads our Aiming Higher programme, but all our staff are aware of their role in supporting those students with the potential to achieve the highest levels.

Provision begins in lessons and all schemes of work planned by heads of departments include specific materials and ideas which differentiate, enrich and extend learning to ensure that the curriculum is sufficiently challenging.

Outside of lessons we aim to offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities across all areas of the curriculum and provide students with the best information, advice and guidance to support them with realising future ambitions such as attending university.

You can read about some of our students’ successes in the case studies link as well as find out more about all of the above by navigating the links on this page.

Message from HPA Coordinator

My name is Joe Whiteman and since October 2016 I have led on strategies to cater for our students with high prior attainment. As well as this I am also KS4 coordinator of Mathematics and have a good understanding of how to prepare our students for their GCSE and A-level examinations.

It is essential that students who have high prior attainment are regularly challenged in every subject and are offered the best opportunity to excel in all areas of education. I work with all departments to ensure teachers are confident applying suitable strategies to stretch our HPA students.

HPA students can sometimes find the school journey difficult, as they are not prepared to make mistakes. They may find learning emotionally challenging due to such high expectations. Therefore we should strive to promote a growth mindset for these individuals to ensure they excel in all areas of their Hove Park experience.

Aiming Higher News

Bilingual Primary School training program

Recently our Year 10 Peer Tutors started a really amazing project with the Bilingual Primary School. They embarked on a four week training program to train up some Year 5 students to be Peer Tutors at their own school. They trained the children to understand what makes a good ..

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Jr STEM starts with a whoosh!

Junior STEM started this week with students investigating balloon rockets. Students learnt about the forces involved and were introduced to Newton’s third law. They worked in small teams to build, develop and test their rockets. The session finished with a demonstration ..

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Peer Tutors working with Goldstone Primary

The Year 9 Peer Tutors have been going to Goldstone Primary this half term. They have been working in Year 1 and taking small groups to try out the activities they have planned about maths. They had training from Mr Whiteman in thinking hard questioning in maths and have had  ..

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Year 9 prefects

Mr Streeter (Head of Year 9), is delighted to introduce the new Year 9 prefects. The students had to apply for the role by completing an application form followed by a brief interview. All the students that applied gave a fantastic account of themselves and I am delighted to  ..

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Inspiration talk

Ex-Hove Park pupil, Paul Samuels, visited Hove Park today to speak to students about their life choices, and the decisions in his life that have lead him to where he is now. Paul is currently Executive Vice President of AEG, the world’s leading sports and live entertain ..

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