Exam Results 2016

There were many individual exam success stories this summer and our students’ achievements in many different subject areas once again reflected the strength and depth of teaching across the curriculum.

A summary of the results is provided below, but full details can be found on the DFE performance tables website: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/114607

GCSE Exam Results 2016

At GCSE our students:

  • made progress across the school that was in-line with national averages
  • achieved well across a wide range of subjects, with overall attainment in-line with the national average and 64% of students achieving A*-C grades in English and maths

Subjects where our students’ attainment at GCSE was better than the national average included:

  • Art - 89% A*-C
  • Business – 69% A*-C
  • Computing – 74% A*-C
  • English Literature – 80% A*-C
  • Graphics – 68% A*-C
  • History – 65% A*-C
  • ICT – 83% A*-C
  • Maths – 75% A*-C
  • Media Studies – 68% A*-C
  • Photography – 94% A*-C
  • Product Design – 73% A*-C
  • Psychology – 64% A*-C
  • Science – 72% (2 x GCSEs A*-C)

Headline figures: 

Results 2016

A Level Results 2016

In the 6th form, students’ results maintained the excellent standards we have achieved in previous years. This year, our A-level students:

  • made better progress than most students nationally;
  • achieved significantly more top grades than in 2015 (A* to B attainment increased by ten percentage points).

There were successes in many subjects, with particularly outstanding performance in maths, physics, psychology and travel. Everyone at Hove Park School was thrilled that the superb accomplishments of our A Level students enabled them to progress to their chosen higher education courses and jobs.

The excellent results enabled students to progress to their chosen higher education courses and jobs with an increased percentage going on to university this year. We were also very proud of the success of students in the 6th form for whom we have received pupil premium funding to support economic disadvantage. The outcomes for these students were excellent and there were no gaps in achievement between them and other students.

Headline figures:

It is clear that there continue to be many strengths in the school. Commenting on the results, Head Teacher, Rob Reed, said: “Some of the results achieved by our students are stunning. I feel very proud to be associated with them. I am also pleased that in so many areas the school has sustained strong outcomes. This is a strong platform from which we can make further improvement.”